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Who we are

ČESKO PROTI CHUDOBĚ or Czechia against Poverty is the brand for Czech Republic’s participation in the worldwide Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP).

Until now this is the most important common activity of Czech civic initiatives participating not only in networks associating organizations oriented to development cooperation like the Czech Forum for the Development Cooperation or the Association for Fair-Trade, but also in the association of ecological organizations Zelený kruh (Green Circle).

Common political demands have been discussed by 35 organizations. Notwithstanding the fact that each organization is seeking for its own way of solution, though they do not agree in every particular issue, in spite of the differences in their religious faith or political vocations they have got united in order to contribute in common practically and politically to the solution of the most poignant problem of present time, which is more and more drawing apart continents of our planet. This problem is, as it was agreed by 147 country leaders and at total by 191 countries, the poverty and the marginalization of whole continents.
The campaigns are supposed to mobilize our minds through common experience and cooperation. However the change called for by the Declaration of Millennium and its demands (Development Goals) consists in a day-to-day work – of politicians, officials, international institutions and of both the non-governmental and private sectors.
Nevertheless, this change will not be feasible unless supported by the citizens. The main objective of the campaign Czechia against Poverty is to obtain this support.

Every person on this planet consumes an amount of energy, corresponding to the equivalent of more than 1,6 tons of oil per year. While about 2 billion people do not have access to any source of electric energy at all. Goal 7

Goal 7
Ensure environmental sustainability

Illustrations to MDGs were created by students of Hollar Graphic School in Prague