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Year 2014

European Year for Development

In the context of ending programs to fighting with poverty and preparation of Sustainable Development Goals, the European Union announced on January 9, at the opening of the Latvian Presidency of the EU, year 2015 the first "European Year for Development" (EYD2015). Jean-Claude Juncker in his opening speech reminded the basic motto of the EYD 2015: "Our world, our dignity, our future."

EDUCON as Czechia against Poverty coordinator is implementing project for EYD2015 in Czech Republic.

In the preparatory phase has a project whose aim was to inform the general public and its selected subsets that 2015 will be the European Year of Development, about its goals, activities and possibilities of public involvement in activities of EYD2015.

For the realization of the preparatory phase of the EYD2015 we use all forms previously used in the Czech against Poverty (CpCH) campaign: a network of cooperating organizations, cooperation with regional coordinators, more than 4,200 registered volunteers, distribution of materials to all who are interested in campaign activities, etc.

The CpCH campaign ad on the theme of decent living and working conditions was upgraded for EYD2015 and since October is being placed in the print media.

campaign ad


Leaflets and posters for EYD2015 were created and printed.

leaflet 1  leaflet 2

leaflet 3


Video spot Bangladesh TV

Two versions (5 minutes / 30 seconds) on the theme of decent living and working conditions in the textile industry. At first it will be spread as viral on Net,  later it will be used as TV spot as well as it will be shown during public events etc.

spot  spot


A number of the activities will be concentrated to the Action Week, which will be part of yearlong CONCORD's European campaign. These activities will include in particular activities aimed at the general public. Czechia against Poverty campaign will launch activities to EYD2015 as part of GCAP on January 15, 2015.

Every year in the world are dying of malaria up to three million people, while over 90 % of them are from the African continent. Goal 6

Goal 6
Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

Illustrations to MDGs were created by students of Hollar Graphic School in Prague