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Year 2008

At the end of 2008 we can say that hundreds of thousands of Czech citizens were addressed, tens of thousands received information about our and GCAP campaign, more than 5000 thousands volunteers supported our activities in the cities and towns all over the country. 

Our aim is not only to raise awareness about extremely difficult conditions of hundreds of millions poor people in developing countries, to explain why should Czech citizens care and what is role of Czech government but also to move individuals as well as groups to take concrete action in the fight against extreme poverty. Our main tools are brochures, leaflets, campaign materials, lobby postcards, web pages, and articles for media as well as public events and lobby actions.

Concretely we call for increase of the Czech ODA in accordance with pledges of Czech government, for more transparent and effective development cooperation which reflects priority of recipient countries, for responsible implementation of aid programs under democratic control of civil society, for empowered position of women in poor countries, for debt cancellation, for fair and transparent trade, for international rules to prevent such liberalization and privatization that limits development, for higher responsibility of TNCs in regard to human rights, environmental protection and local development, for CO2 and other greenhouse gases emission reductions and for cancelation of European agricultural export subsidies.

Work of the coordination team composed of 10 organizations from various fields and sectors, supported by tens of other organizations and groups and mainly by many volunteers in the regions includes wide range of activities and events. Throughout the year coalition representatives participated at many concerts, public discussion and other public events, published articles in newspapers and magazines, gave interviews to media, engaged in discussions during public events and last but not least addressed Czech decision makers with campaign demands either directly during meetings and seminar or indirectly through open letters.

Days against Poverty

Days against Poverty, main peak of the campaign, overlapped with 50 days of actions. Unfortunately due to collision with regional elections only smaller part of public events took place during global Stand Up and Take Action. Nevertheless between October 17th and 24th information stunts, happenings, discussion, concerts, screening of documentaries attract attention of thousands of people in 29 cities in all regions. Many of these were covered in local as well as in national media.

In regard to policy activities campaign introduce campaigns demands and positions during parliament hearing in the lower chamber. Issues discussed included the state of human rights in the world and in the Czech Republic connected to Social Watch report presentation, Czech ODA and its future, MDGs during Czech EU Presidency and role of renewable sources of energy in development.

It is always difficult to judge your success if you deal with such broad and complex issue such as global poverty. Nevertheless we believe that thanks to our work and work of our volunteers and supporters Czech public and political representation are moving towards better understanding of roots of poverty, possible solution and role which each of us can play in the long and difficult process.

There are 2,2 billions of children, of which 1 billion lives below the limit of poverty. Every second child on this planet is deprived of childhood as a consequence of poverty ? threatened by malnutrition or hunger, AIDS and other diseases. Goal 1

Goal 1
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Illustrations to MDGs were created by students of Hollar Graphic School in Prague