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Year 2006

Czech Action Days in 2006

In comparison to the year 2005 Czech campaign “Czechia against Poverty” enlarged markedly its scope. On September 15 and 16 there were information stands in more than 17 Czech cities (last year it was 10 cities) practically in all regions of the Czech Republic. The passers-by could receive Czech white bands, information materials about the campaign as well as about the activities of organizations gathered in the coalition. Those people who stopped by and had little time to spend could discuss different issues concerning the poverty problem directly with the campaign representatives, experts and celebrities supporting the campaign.

During two days of White Band Days the organizers raised more than 20 000 signatures (last year aprox. 5 000 signatures) from people who are not indifferent to the poverty in the developing countries.

White Band Days 2006 reinforced the mandate of the Czech campaign representatives for the dialog with the Czech policy-makers. Czechia against Poverty will continue in the dialog with the Czech government officials about the issues how to increase Czech Development Aid and how to make it more effective.

Due to strict protectionism in developed countries, every year the developing countries lose 100 billion USD ? an amount twice higher compared to annual Official Development Aid Goal 8

Goal 8
Develop a global partnership for development

Illustrations to MDGs were created by students of Hollar Graphic School in Prague