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Year 2015

New publication

Voices of the marginalized
Voices of the marginalized
How did EU policies affect the poorest

Authors: Jiří Silný, Khondoker Shakhawat Ali, Paulin Polepole, Tomáš Tožička, Zuzana Uhde 

Published by EDUCON, Prague, 2015

In this report GCAP has brought together constituents from four countries, across three continents to reflect on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) implementation and the role of the European Union (EU). Representatives of Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicarague, and Zambia share their analysis and discussions with people from affected communities. It is clear that many problems and challenges persist, particularly in terms of ensuring the inclusion of the most marginalized and socially-excluded individuals and communities.

PDF  PDF, 2.6 MB

Bangladesh TV

Bangladesh TV – news report of Bangladeshi TV was shoot by mystification author Filip Remunda for Czechia against Poverty campaign

A TV report of Bangladesh TV linking OP Prostejov fall and collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which was published less than a month ago by Deník Referendum and within short time gathered 110,000 visits on YouTube channel, was created by Czech documentary director Filip Remunda for international campaigns action/ 2015 and Czechia against Poverty as part of activities of the European Year for Development 2015 (EYD2015).

Within the context of actions for eradication of extreme poverty is one of the goals to highlight the global context of the unsatisfactory state of human rights in textile production in the countries of the global South, where daily wage of 1 EUR is not rare. Also it points out how it is connected with decline of traditional textile production in Europe. During EYD2015 campaign will further highlight the need to establish standards to ensure decent living and working conditions in all corners of the planet.

Tomáš Tožička from Czechia against Poverty campaign says to this: "Why we have chosen way of mystifying campaign? We want to show that we can be connected across continents by events that seem to be far away. And  this is exactly role of medias and news to deliver to us such information. However, since the news are becoming more and more banal and stereotyped, exaggeration and humor is an appropriate form how to hold up a mirror to them as well as to bring relevant information into the public space. Our clips TV Botswana and now Bangladesh TV show that we are successful in our effort."

Petr Mares from NGO NaZemi adds: "One of the consequences of so-called "optimizing production costs" is a massive displacement of clothing production to developing countries. The vast majority of clothing companies that have moved their production does not meet safety or working conditions level. They care mainly about speed of delivery and profit. No wonder then that the factory collapse, though for different reasons. In Bangladesh it is due to totally unsatisfactory technical condition of factories and irresponsibility of their owners, in Prostejov probably thanks to often mentioned competitiveness. It is simply the result of irresponsible behavior of corporations and because their resignation to sustainable production. Employees of apparel factories all over the world are basically in the same boat, under the pressure of the invisible hand of the market to which can not face alone."

The spot was shot by director Filip Remunda in collaboration with prominent Czech filmmakers and artists. Co-writer is Matouš Outrata (eg. the editor of films Muži v říji, Long Live the Family! or cycle Czech Century). Production work took Martin Kořínek, who worked on the movies Dark Blue World or Lovers and murderers, music is composed by Tomáš Kelar from group MidiLidi and TV Bangladesh corporate graphic design and logo was created by Lukáš Francl.

"Just before blasting OP Prostejov buildings I was considering that the picture of the demolition of our largest textile factory could inspire documentary movie about tunneling practices of Czech thieves who are twenty-five years disguise themselves as managers. Finally, I have decided to invest such mighty picture in Bangladesh TV spot. From my point of view, it is a friendly mystification. All of my creative efforts were directed to the resulting shape what most resembled the television broadcast from Bangladesh. All other information in the spot are true. The role  of special reporter is  even played by Nadirah Mujumdar, the first Bangladeshi TV reporter - a woman. All interviewed former employees OP Prostejov, including Prostejov councilor and former MP Pavel Smetana, are real characters who in the spot speak for themselves," adds Remunda.

MS Word full press release, 370 kB


World and European Union against Poverty. Action/2015.

On January 15, 2015 began a worldwide campaign action/2015 aimed at fighting against  poverty. It focuses primarily on the support of ending the Millennium Development Goals accepted by all UN Member States in the year 2000. In addition it wants to draw public attention to the ongoing negotiations on a new program aimed at fight against poverty, which should be agreed by the United Nations this year. The so-called Sustainable Development Goals should combine fight against poverty with environmental protection.

In the context of ending programs to fighting with poverty and preparation of Sustainable Development Goals, the European Union announced on January 9, at the opening of the Latvian Presidency of the EU, year 2015 the first "European Year for Development" (EYD2015). Jean-Claude Juncker in his opening speech reminded the basic motto of the EYD 2015: "Our world, our dignity, our future."

"It is alarming that there are still tendencies to confuse support of export of large companies and transnational corporations for development cooperation," says on the topic Tomas Tožička from Czechia against Poverty.

Campaign action/2015 presents several demands whose fulfillment will lead to dignified life for all inhabitants of the planet and to the fulfillment of their fundamental rights. These are mainly the following topics:

  • Ensure responsibility of governments: Human rights and the social protection.
  • Ensure responsibility of the private sector: Tax fairness and real social responsibility.
  • Ensure responsibility of polluters: Climate Justice.
  • Ensure responsibility through participation of the citizens in decision-making.

Unfortunately, so far it seems that the current negotiations are under pressure from transnational companies. Tomáš Tožička from Czechia against Poverty campaign warns: "Large and transnational companies have in recent years recognized that funds intended to fight against poverty can be a source of easy profits. They try to convince the governments that if they receive money instead of the previous implementers, it will be better for the poor people. Past experience so far, however, indicate the contrary. Transnational companies still do not respect nor its own commitments and there is no reason to think that the public financial support will change that."

The Czechia against Poverty campaign is preparing dozens of events on the occasion of  the European Year for Development 2015.

MS Word full press release, 76 kB


Every minute one woman dies of the consequences of problems connected to pregnancy, more than half a million a year. Ninety-nine percent of these deaths happen in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Goal 5

Goal 5
Improve maternal health

Illustrations to MDGs were created by students of Hollar Graphic School in Prague